Friday, October 9, 2015

Autumn at My House

A couple of weeks ago I made the transition from late summer to early autumn. I added brown to my color palate and bought mums, peppers, and grasses. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how my home looks these days.

I hope you are enjoying these beautiful autumn days as much as I am.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Richard Scarry's Busytown Birthday

My daughter, Rachel, chose an appropriate theme to celebrate her youngest child's first birthday--Richard Scarry's Busytown. The familiar characters: Lowly Worm,
 Sergeant Murphy,
Mayor Fox,
Hilda Hippo, and
 and sister Sally cat
could be found around the house. Rachel made actual moving automobiles for each of the characters. Lego wheels under their seats allowed the characters to zoom, zoom.
No wonder, Sergeant Murphy had to blow his whistle a time or two.

Decorations were bright and cheerful primary colors. Rachel used pompom rope as swags on the chandeliers. Here was the children's table.

And this was the adult tablescape.

Curt and Rachel made banners by enlarging pictures of Busytown characters they found on the Internet.

Name tags had Busytown characters suited to each guest.
Rachel creatively personalized a Costco sheet cake by making a road from crushed Oreo cookies in the shape of a one. The traffic lanes were marked by m&m's to keep miniature Busytown characters safe on the highway.

Because birthday boy's favorite food is yogurt, Curt and Rachel invited guests to come for brunch. They served a smorgasbord of fruit and granola, as well as yogurt.
 For kids, opening gifts is a highlight of a party.
They also relish eating cake. Birthday boy's first taste was tentative.
 However, it didn't take long for the verdict to register.
 Soon, the hesitancy was replaced with enthusiasm.
If a little is good, a lot is better.

So thoroughly did birthday boy enjoy his cake that a bath was called for, even before guests left.

One thing is for sure:  Busytown has nothing over this household. With four children six-years-old and under, there is never a dull moment. Great job on the party, Mama Cat!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Next Generation's "Industrial French" Powder Room

Here are photos from my youngest daughter's powder room. This half bath is where her tots wash their hands before and after meals and where mama and daddy wash up when they come in from out-of-doors. Form follows function, so Rachel put a casual spin on the space. I'd call the design aesthetic "industrial French".

The room's charming leaded-glass window dictated iron and pewter finishes rather than gilding or polished metal. The small chandelier is pewter-colored iron.
Two leaded-glass windows from Mission Road Antiques add visual interest to plain-vanilla walls.

And on the floor, Rachel placed an antique French pewter basket loaded with design magazines.
Across the room, my daughter--with the help of her preschoolers--painted the vanity with Annie Sloan chalk paint. The wonderful zinc mirror is perfect for above the sink.

 Hand towels from Target are embroidered with the fleur-de-lis.
However in my estimation, the piece-de-resistance is another find from Mission Road Antiques, a French lavabo.
How fitting that the zinc basin below the spigot is filled with French milled soap and packets of lavender.

Friday, July 31, 2015

My Nose-Powdering Space

Here is the peek into our powder room that I promised you, in my last post.

What strikes you as you glimpse inside the door?  The wallpaper.  Right? Because it covers the largest surface, one would think that it is the star of the show. However, actually, the whole powder room design began with the sink.

When I found this beautiful Kohler sink called "Prairie Flowers of the Midwest", I could not pass up the lovely artist renderings of plants I remember from my preschool years on a farm in Kansas.

With the delicate colors and gold leaf detailing, I did not think I would ever tire of this graceful basin. I was right, because now, nearly 20 years later, this classic sink is still available (™-design-on-Anatole-pedestal-bathroom-sink/productDetail/Prairie-Flowers/416705.htm?categoryId=430815&defaultCatId=429706).

The wallpaper followed naturally, because the gold leaves and green background perfectly complimented the basin's hand painted botanicals. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe this paper is by Colfax & Fowler. (I prefer British wallpaper because it isn't coated with a shiny film.)

Breaking up the pattern is a corner cupboard. Although these are normally used in dining rooms, I chose to have the linen closet configured in this way to maximize the powder room space.
For the walls, I chose a series of eight botanicals. There are three on each of the two walls near the loo,

and two on the wall above the towel rack.

Displayed on the hand towel rack are antique linens.

Observant guests use the paper hand towels available above the sink. :)

A miniature chandelier lights the small room. (Oops, for you observant readers, yes one of the bulbs is burned out.)

Finally, a Nest candle provides a sublime aroma: moss & mint.
Stay tuned, in my next post, I will feature two powder rooms in my daughter's home.