Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Deluge of Ideas for Baby Shower

My daughter co-hosted a baby shower this past weekend for two friends.  She lives far away, so I can't be at her events or help her ahead of time. So, to keep me in the loop of her life, she sends pictures.  When I saw these, I knew you would enjoy her creativity and might find ideas to borrow.

From hello, the mom's-to-be were flooded with good wishes. As guests approached the house...
they knew baby girls were being welcomed.
In the entry, notes for guests to address were displayed to make thank yous easier on the new moms.
Pink flowers, bows, and ruffles reminded guests of the sugar-and-spice awaiting these families.

The tables looked especially feminine.
The young moms were very thankful for all the pretty presents!

As they said goodbye, they thanked the hostesses for raining love on their parades!  


  1. I love the classic beauty in the home and decor.
    It isn't overdone, but you can see the thoughtful consideration put into it.

    See you soon!!!!

    Can't wait.

    Becky K.

  2. Your blog is lovely...I'm stopping by from Becky's blog to meet you. I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to meet you at Sight and Sound, I had the opportunity to meet Becky & other blogging friends at last years get together and had a wonderful time...Maybe another time...Jill (who loves Lancaster, but hasn't had the chance to get there lately...:-(

  3. Looks like it was a great shower, she did an excellent job!