Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brunch Brightens Dreary Days

A couple of weeks ago in January's deep-freeze, my daughter's church sponsored a ladies brunch to kick-start their women's ministry.  Rachel was responsible for decorations.
Her handiwork reminded me of my mother's decorations for the annual mother-daughter banquet in our church basement when I was a girl. Now my daughter has replicated what she saw me model when she was in junior and senior high school.
How special to see this third generation use her artistry to serve others.

Here is what the room looked like when Rachel started:

First, her team emptied the room.  Then they brought in tables, covering them with long, white linen cloths and pink toppers.

She had purchased chinese lanterns in three sizes...

 and had her husband space the lanterns over top each table.

Rachel added the pink rose center pieces she made for each table.

With the tables set, the over-all effect was very pretty.

Men were recruited to serve.

Friendships were reinforced as the ladies chatted.

After brunch, a lady from each table gathered a basket of paper and pens to elicit suggestions for the new women's program.

At the end of the morning, Rachel felt all the effort was worth it, because everyone got exited about  opportunities to serve and gather again.  Besides, the morning provided a middle-of-winter pick-me-up for nearly sixty women.


  1. Marcia,
    How lovely and inviting to visit your daughter's churh event for the women during this mid-winter season ! It brightened my evening for certain and I will post it on my FB page and send it to our women's ministers for future suggestions ! Thank you for sharing! Love the photo of the three generations...beautiful ladies!

  2. It is beautiful. A lot of work but not overdone so as to look "busy". Classic.
    Love the look and the reason for it.