Saturday, July 2, 2011

Only in Lancaster

In the last half a dozen years, we have gone to the Lancaster's Symphony New Year's Eve concert.  The conductor always prefaces and concludes the evening with the phrase, "only in Lancaster."  Today on this Fourth of July weekend, I enjoyed another "only in Lancaster" privilege.  I picked a table arrangement of zinnias, daisies, and plumes for only $3.00 from an Amish garden.

The Amish farm is over the covered bridge, around the corner, and up hill from our house.  A mule drawn wagon passes us as we climb the last elevation before reaching the picture-perfect cutting garden.
A table sits in front of the flowerbed bearing a sign, "Cut Your Own Flowers".
Upon closer inspection, on the folding table, you find another handwritten sign:  "Sunflowers .25 each, all other flowers $1.00 a dozen".  The plastic container, weighed down with rocks, awaits deposits.  Even a pair of scissors is laid out for the using.  What trust; it is all on the honor system.
I always appreciate the simple beauty of the garden.  The grass is neatly edged.
 Flowers are planted in careful rows by type.
The landscape designer planted with an eye to the eventual height of the blooms.  The tallest sunny faces are in the back row, while the short colorful blossoms are in front.
On the way home, we cross a second covered bridge.
 Then we pass a tiny potting cottage...
which sits beside a sweet guest house.
What beauty we enjoy...only in Lancaster.

This Fourth of July, I hope you each celebrate the unique brand of freedom we enjoy only in the United States of America.


  1. Maurie,

    It is so beautiful. Both the general area in which we live and the garden where you cut your flowers. I so enjoy the simplicity and trust of the Amish lifestyle.

    I would love to meet you for coffee or lunch one day soon. It would be great to catch up on your speaking venture and life in general.

    Becky K.

  2. What a neat garden! I actually was on my way over to your blog give you the blog link to one of my friend's latest blog posts I think you would enjoy her blog.

  3. Such beauty and the simplicity of this farm reminds me of Amish Acres in IN where we would visit when I was a child. Loved the covered bridges and the horses and I'll never forget the apple butter! Your photo's are so beautiful and refreshing!
    I hope you are enjoying the holiday week-end!
    Happy Independence Day! xo

  4. I know just where this is--- so many times I've purposely taken the "back roads" to work and passed that darling cottage! I also have pondered their honor system--- such trust! Hope you're doing well! Beautiful flower arrangement! :)