Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Endearing Quirks

What I love about homes built over half century ago are the quirky details.  An unusual door, an atypical doorbell, detailed woodwork all combine to give an older home a uniqueness not found in McMansion construction.  Such whimsical details return stone-cottage visitors to a by-gone era.

From the street, the 1930's cottage testifies to the attention to detail given in those days. Before you get up the front walk, you notice the weighted gate.  What a charming welcome.
Looking up at the home, you see snow guards adding definition to the slate roof. The metal perches keep snow from sliding off the stone surface, but are rarely used on recently built homes. The front door is also unique in that only the upper half of the front door has divided lights.  Nowadays, front doors are either solid wood or entirely divided glass.  
Once up to the front door visitors twist the doorbell key rather than push a button, and the bell is located in the center of the door rather than on the doorframe.

From the inside, the bell displays scrolled details.
The entryway reveals more one-of-a-kind features.  Curled wood cutouts detail the sides of the stairs.
A half Dutch-door in the front hall leading downstairs is especially unusual.
In the dining room, a built in dish cupboard takes advantage of under-the-stair space.
At the top of the stairs are additional vintage details on the landing.  For example, a slanted linen closet door follows the roofline.  
Just outside the bathroom, the original builder created a tiny trap door which allows a plumber access to the tub and shower pipes.
Built in drawers are tucked under the dormers in the upstairs bedrooms.
 Then, I love the radiator covers which are each unique.

Taking note of the quirks in this old cottage made me think of each person's individuality. Aren't you glad the Creator has continued to make each person special? He obviously agrees that personalized quirks are as endearing in people as they are in homes.

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  1. Gorgeous! So much character, charm and attention to detail (quality detail)! I still want to live there! :) I hope you are having a wonderful week! Blessings!