Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spiffing up the Loo

The British have a way with words. Spoken with a proper accent a post on bathroom renovations sounds almost genteel, but the only thing cultured about the stone-cottage bathrooms was the marble. So, Marcus and Anna chose those two rooms for major renovation.

This adorable sign can be purchased at:

The goal was to transform the small spaces into mini-Cooper versions of a 1930's luxury hotel, the same era as the home. Taking  the Waldorf Astoria in New York City or the Biltmore Hotel in Palm Beach as their inspiration, the couple chose period fixtures and tile for the two bathrooms.

The upstairs bath needed the most attention. The pink marble palace was gutted, save for the bathtub.

This is an after picture; unfortunately, I didn't get the pink marble beforehand.

Restoration Hardware was a good source for vintage medicine cabinet and sink. While Circa lighting provided a contemporary take on Pullman lights (Boston Square Three-Light Sconce).

 Rhol fixtures supplied the hotel-style, train-rack shelf

and double towel bar.

The polished nickel, vintage hand-held shower fixtures are also Rohl,

as are the sink spigot and handles.

Marcus and Anna picked white subway ceramic tiles for the walls and hexagon Calcutta Gold marble tiles for the flooring to continue the grand-hotel theme. The marble baseboard is the final nod to the Great-Gatsby era.

Here is a peak of the completed room from the doorway.

The downstairs bathroom didn't need as extensive a renovation as the upstairs bath.  The black and white tile was probably original to the home, but in fine shape.  

The couple did replace the sink, the toilet, the medicine cabinet, lights, and hardware, since they had seen a lot of wear over the years. With new Rohl fixtures, the bathroom is a refreshed version of the original.

Leave it to Anna, my "necessity" queen, to find the perfect final-touch accessories.

In their refurbished splendor, I do believe these two loos could pass royal muster.


  1. Very tastefully done! It's such fun to see all the changes!

    That sign is really fun!

  2. Mauris- I adore the bathrooms. Small and gracious!