Monday, September 24, 2012

Dining In

Our home has several places suitable for eating.  Now that we are empty nesters, cozy spots for only two have been added to the "dining rooms."

Breakfast, when we take the time, is at the bar.  This pass-through between the kitchen and sunroom is ideal for a quick bite.  I love using different placemats depending on the season.

Lunch is sometimes at the zinc topped table between the kitchen and sunroom.  The placemats were a splurge I couldn't resist because the aqua and white polka dots matches my wallpaper perfectly!

True confessions:  Our evening meal is often eaten off trays in the library, so we can watch the evening news.  (Now doesn't that age us?)

In spite of all the little spaces, I must say that my greatest delight is having a table full in our dining room.

Ok, it's your turn for honesty-hour.  Where do you eat in your home?


  1. Hi, Maurie ~

    Thanks so much for your visit! Wonderful to find your blog. We have met before, right? You look very familiar. You came to my shop with your daughter (who lives in Bethesda) recently?

    As for us: we eat on the kitchen counter most nights :( Your library is very warm and cozy.....a perfect place to eat, especially this time of year :) BTW, love all your china (antique and new).


    1. Yes, Loi, my daughter and I have been to your shop several times. It is always on my list of "must sees" when I am in Bethesda! Thanks for stopping by my bog. I used to write much more frequently, and I have good intentions of being more faithful again. I always enjoy your posts. Your gardens are amazing and your home divine!

  2. Your home is so beautiful and I love the wonderful spaces you have created for tables for two. Love your china!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am aiming to be more faithful in posting. I know the blogs I regularly read post at least weekly. How often do you post?

  3. When we have company, the dining room.
    Breakfast on Saturday, at Cracker Barrel with friends. Breakfast on Weds, at Chubby's for the Men's Prayer Breakfast.
    Breakfast at home, usually on a tray with my books around me.
    Supper, on a tray watching the news...and that is rarely good for digestion! --BBB

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Boxley. Glad to know that Bill and I aren't the only ones who eat while watching the news! :)