Monday, June 10, 2013

Clothing for Women of a Certain Age

I am no svelte model. My husband wishes I were, but alas, I am half-a-foot too short and 20-or-so-pounds "sterling" too heavy. However, after years of dressing myself and way too much time in front of dressing room mirrors discarding way too many options, I happened upon a few styles that minimize the negative and optimize the positive.

If I have your attention, let me introduce you to a few of my favorite designers.

I am an Oska groupie. I never thought of my style as "artsy", but I do love the edge of this German company. I chuckled when I read how Stefanie Schmitz (Design) described an Oska fan, "I see the Oska woman as a mature personality, who is individual and authentic in her attitude towards life. Humanity and a sense of culture make up her values."  Now, I could not tell you what it means to be "individual and authentic in your attitude towards life" nor how "humanity and sense of culture" could "make up values", but unfortunately, I do understand the "mature personality" bit.  Oh phooey, I don't care if the style is mature; I think it's cool!

My second go-to clothing company is PLANET. Lauren Grossman, this woman's apparel designer, describes her clothes as "inspired, soft, and flowing" with a Japanese aesthetic. I don't know about you, but I don't think only the mature woman would appreciate this style.

Finally, clothes by J McLaughlin are a bit more classic than pieces by Oska or PLANET, but they are timeless and make the wearer look timeless.

Sometimes you can find these designers' clothes on sale on the internet. If you do find something you like by any of these companies, on sale, in your size, snap them up. They launder and wear well. And, even if Madison Avenue uses young, beautiful women to model the three brands, take my word for it, they make even a middle-aged "broad" look and feel great.

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