Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sandpipers, Shells, and Seagulls

If you have ever planned a retreat or a seminar, you will appreciate these decorations designed by Tonya Saylor for the women's day I spoke at the first Saturday in June. The seascape motif was perfect for the first weekend of summer!

The seminar was sponsored by Jerusalem Church in Mannheim, Pennsylvania. 

Instead of flowers, seafoam-hued "blue" fescue reminded participants of seagrass on sand dunes.

Carved sandpipers tiptoed down the tables.

Origami seagulls hovered above centerpieces.

Fescue containers were wrapped in burlap, the color replicating a sandy beach.

The fescue and origami seagulls were my favorites. In a flight of fancy, I could imagine making huge paper birds and floating them from fishing wire overhead. What ideas do these creative decorations spark in your mind?

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