Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Skye's the Limit

(A word of explanation for my delinquent posting. In addition to long distance babysitting two days a week for a darling grandson, I have been helping my mother who fell and broke her hip just after the holidays. Although she lives in a senior complex with continuum of care, it has required much family assistance to downsize her to an assisted living efficiency apartment. As if this didn't keep me busy enough, we also took a three week trip to Macedonia and France for my husband to be part of a physician mentoring partnership and for me to speak to a women's group. In my downtime, I gave a bridal shower for a nephew, and then we all celebrated at his wedding on the beach in Connecticut. So, you can see why my blog has taken backseat to all the family events.)  

Now to catch you up on some of the things you have missed... 

Back at the end of January, I went to our granddaughter's third birthday party. The theme, by popular demand, was Skye, the female member of the PAW Patrol.  
Image result for is sky the only girl on paw patrol

Tables were covered in paw prints. 

Dog bones hung from chandeliers.

Emergency vehicles severed as center pieces

A pink and turquoise color scheme kept the decorations unified and feminine.

Guests were favored with cookies decorated accordingly.

Naturally, Skye was front and center on the cake.

Birthday girl sported a pink bow in her hair and wore a shirt with a pink doggie carrying a birthday cake on his back.

 Her cousins, who happily are girls, came to the party to offset her three brothers!

 She was quite pleased with the cake...

 especially, when it was time to taste it!

After the food was gone, and the presents were opened, birthday girl got her face painted like her favorite PAW patrol character.

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