Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Quick Change Artist

The week after Thanksgiving here in the United States of America I envy the Canadians. They sensibly celebrate Thanksgiving the second Monday in October, giving themselves time to catch their breath between autumn and Christmas. We, on the other hand, frantically dispose of our turkey feathers, harvest gourds, and pilgrims on black Friday and quickly deck our halls for Christmas before the calendar flips to December.  Whew, I just made it. 

If you came to my house this the last day of November, you would be greeted by a magnolia leaf wreathe with a Burberry plaid bow, and red berries. I always think it makes a nice transition between autumn and winter.


Inside, red pillows and a red poinsettia make the sunroom festive. 
The living room is decked in gold balls, a white poinsettia, and
 my choir of carolers.
 The library sports a small feather tree and
white bisque nativity.
 On the doorway leading to the lower level, I always hang the wreathe I made when we were poor newlyweds. The calicos are still bright. I hope I have held my age as well as it has.

Of course, the piece de resistance is the tree. I guess I have not crossed the Rubicon into old age, because it is still a live tree, seven and a half feet tall, and sporting 800 tiny twinkling lights.
Now, I must press forward and onward to the pile of Christmas cards waiting to be addressed. I have yet to buy even one gift. I won't panic though, because the house has changed out of its Thanksgiving garb and is fittingly dressed for the Christmas holidays.

May your season be bright.

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