Wednesday, March 31, 2010


…to the street where I live.

…and to my home.

Please, come inside.

What does my entryway tell you about me?

I am energized by color. In photos I like the tone-on-tone white rooms, but this raspberry makes me happy every time I open the front door.

I am warmed by antiques. My husband’s grandmother introduced me to antique shows, encyclopedias of antiques, and Lancaster County auctions. I’m hooked. Well-loved pieces have a rich patina that can not be replicated in a furniture showroom. Do you agree?

I am a romantic. The large mirror in the entry is probably a turn-of-the-century piece purchased at Stevens Antiques on Lancaster Avenue in Frazer, PA. I bought it before my eldest daughter got married, because I thought every album needed a photo of the bride in a mirror!Is that silly?

I prefer balance. Some people are drawn to asymmetry. I’m mostly a mirror image girl. My entryway actually has some of both—one chair, one majolica umbrella stand...but two matching lamps! What about you?

I love a bargain. The J.Gould hummingbird botanicals are the best bargain I ever snatched! I found them at a favorite local haunt, the Black Angus, an antique mall open on Sundays and located about 15 miles north of Lancaster in Adamstown. At one of the 400 booths, I spied a folder of six hand-colored lithographs priced below the value of a single print. Although they are probably 1940’s reproductions, they were a steal!(

I treasure family pieces. The carved chair resting in the entry belonged to my husband’s family back three or four generations, arriving in Lancaster County from Ireland. We have one chair, while my sisters-in-law have other of the parlor pieces. Sometimes a family piece might not appeal initially, but don't turn it down. Usually, they grow on you; after all, your family history is your story.

I notice one-of-a-kind accessories. The umbrella stand is an antique green majolica.

I like wallpaper. Somehow wallpaper is softer than paint, adding texture and tone. I found this wallpaper at Interior Alternative/Schumacher Fabric Outlet, 1325 Cooches Bridge Road, Newark, Delaware 19713. Although I got it at an outlet price, it is heavy paper, not waxed or shiny like so many wall coverings today.

When friends come through the front door, I want them to feel welcome, happy, and intrigued. Did you?

Speaking of intrigue, this Bible verse has always piqued my curiosity and prompted me to be hospitable: “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it” (Heb.13:2).


  1. Love it!! Awesome first post. Your layout of your blog looks great. You are an amazing writer, antique collector, interior designer, godly wife and mother...and a daughter's best friend. Keep up the great work!

  2. I feel warm and cozy just reading your blog and viewing your lovely home photos. Thank you for sharing your life, Marcia.


  3. Great page and the pictures, not surprisingly, are beautiful. Joining the world of technology?!! I'll enjoy checking back from time to time.

  4. Just happened to stumble here... and wanted to say I would love to live on that street. Even if I had to pitch a tent!
    Many blessings,

  5. Hey there! I just saw your comment and thought I'd stop over and check ya out!!!

    This is a beautiful start. You asked about blog traffic...for me content content content has been key. Write about what you are passionate about and it will rub off on others.

    As far as "marketing" your blog, participating in "blog carnivals" such as Tasty Tuesday, Word Filled Wednesday and others has broadened my base. Also, my Facebook fanpage has been a hit...

    Honestly, it takes prayer, passion and perseverence - three P's. I'd be happy to help you in any other way - so always feel free to email me ANY time with questions!!!

    Leaving comments with your link works too - like how you invited me over - that was a great idea!

    Attaching a "sitemeter" to your page is good too - you can see how many are visiting your page daily and from where - that's fun!

    Partners in Christ!

  6. Beautiful place, here --- Because it reflects your heart.

    And your Father's.

    Thank you --- for this ministry of love and service. May God be glorified in every word of your heart...

    All's grace,

  7. Hi. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. What a beautiful entry you have. I love the family pieces and the antiques. Beautiful. And that wallpaper? Gorgeous!

    I am a fan of all things decorating :)

  8. Hi Maurie,

    Welcome to the world of blogging! You have a beautiful, beautiful home. Thank you for sharing pictures of it with us.

    I have a tendency toward asymmetry (mostly because I have a hard enough time finding one of what I like, let alone two!), but I like symmetry, too.

    When I was in university, I took one of those aptitude tests that was supposed to help you decide on a career. At the end, it was supposed to present you with 5 career choices. Well, my 5 choices were: interior designer, interior designer, interior designer, interior designer and interior designer! So why am I working as a technical writer and software tester?! Oh well, life's like that, isn't it?

    Looking forward to more great posts from you.

  9. Your home definitely reflects your cheery, welcoming persona! Beautiful. Wish you could come give me some tips! I'm stumbling mother-in-law has given me some great Chinese antique pieces. I'm going to need a bigger house to hold all the pieces my grandmother and great aunt want to give me--they are beautiful family pieces from the old SC homestead!!

  10. An invitation to your home for Sunday dinner with Matthew remains one of my favorite college memories. Although we knew that we'd be married at some point, we were still dating then and such an experience made us feel so much like a couple. I still remember the beautiful windows in your kitchen, the welcoming dining room and even that entryway!

  11. Fun! I love the theme for your blog and I will make sure to check back for more. I did not know about your love of decorating and your obvious gifts in that area. Thank you for telling me about your blog.