Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Haiti Room

Our sunroom, full of Haitian art, is our “Haiti” room.

The paintings capture scenes from our former neighborhood. For six years in the 1980’s, our family lived in rural Haiti where my husband was a surgeon at a mission hospital on the northern coast of the island.

Louis Saint, the young man who painted the box and the canvases, was gifted. His only art training was a few tips from a high school art teacher vacationing on the island. The last we heard, the young artist was going to Miami to earn funds from computer work so he could study art in Paris. I hope he made it!

Having lived where people struggle daily for food, it is hard to balance poverty with affluence. We try to use generosity as a leveler, but often realize we are out of balance and have to recalibrate. Just a few weeks ago, my husband and a small medical team he assembled went to help earthquake victims. Although the vivid images are no longer on the nightly news, please don’t forget the Haitian people who are still living in temporary shelters, trying to repair their homes and lives.

If you would like to give to a specific Haitian hospital badly in need of refurbishing, you can send donations to: Crossworld; 10,000 North Oak Trafficway; Kansas City, MO 64155 designate your gift to Friends of CMB (Centre Medical Beracah).


  1. Mama,

    Wonderful new post. Thanks for reminding us all of the need to keep Haiti at the forefront of our hearts and in our prayers. Seeing these pictures makes me miss home!



  2. Love to see the piano in this room. Every family home should include one.