Thursday, April 22, 2010

While you are Sleeping

What hangs above your bed--a painting, intaglios, a wedding sampler? Coming up with something unique and appropriate can be a challenge.

In children's rooms the child's gender plays a part in the decision. I have seen sailboats, airplanes, and sports gear hung above beds. When I was little, my mother created shadowboxes in which she sat our dolls.

My "fashionista" daughter's room has some antique fashion plates hanging above the bed. Napoleon hired Leroy, a fashion designer, to dress the royal court. He continued to be a leading designer even into the Romantic period when exaggerated skirts were popular. My daughter's plates are probably reproductions made popular in the 1950's.

Above my other daughter's bed hangs a print which hung in my bedroom as I was growing up. The innocence of the young girl carrying petals in her skirt seemed suited to this daughter. This is a print of the Edgar Degas painting.

My son's room has a bird print by James Fernandez above the bed, chosen partly for the coloration and partly for its significance. In script subtly beneath the painting are the words, "...and the Lord did not forget," a reference to God not relenting on his promise to save Noah from the flood.
In master bedrooms, the possibilities for above beds are endless, but should speak to whomever sleeps beneath. Let's hope that crossed swords are not symbolic!Portraits of naked cherubs always strike me as a bit over the top, even if painted by Botticelli himself.
For above our bed, I happened upon a solution. My husband's grandmother loved antique fans; so, for a special occasion I purchased one for her. When she moved to a nursing facility, I was given the fan. By now, age was showing on the delicate fabric, so I had it framed. The half-moon shape fits perfectly above a bed.
I'd love for you to comment on what you have staring down at you while you are sleeping.


  1. Aunt Marcia, I am enjoying your blog. To answer your question, I have three windows at the head of my bed. It's wonderful to be greeted by the sun each morning!

  2. Lovely...sunshine is the best alarm there is! Thanks for posting!

  3. I had to laugh about the naked cherubs! I am completely in agreement!

    One of the upcoming projects in my house is to place a painting over the headboard in my bedroom! This was so appropriately timed!

    We've decided to place one of our favorite paintings in that coveted space.
    Here's the link, if you'd like to see it:

  4. Cool style, great colors...who is the artist?

  5. Hi Maurie,
    I found your comment at Willow Decor and wanted to stop by and leave a comment to you. I'm a fairly new blogger and struggling with being seen as well. I'll support you, and you support me! I love the slant of your post today. It's a clever way to focus on wallscapes. I'm going to subscribe and enjoy keeping up with you.

  6. I have a bed similar in design to your bed in the pictures but with more ironwork on the top bars. I love quilts, so to soften the look of all the ironwork at the top of the bed, I hang a quilt that stretches across the entire bed and coordinates with the colors of the room. Though I used to decorate my whole home in a country style but have now left that for a slightly more modern look, I still keep the quilts in the bedroom. Their peaceful testament to days gone by creates an atmosphere suitable for the room.

  7. Hey Mauri, It's Sally again. I read your comment on my blog, and I'd love to email you, but I can't find an email link for you. Would you share it with me? my email is

  8. Jess, I'd still love to see your renovated place sometime. Perhaps I could even get blog ideas from your before and afters! ;) I like quilts as well...I used to have them on every bed, but as you said to modernize the rooms, I often just use the quilts as a throw at the end of the bed. They are a peaceful testament to days gone by!

  9. Your daughter is quite chic! I have these rustic pieces right now but I am itching for a change!

  10. My husband & I have a gauzy mosquito net above our bed. We have it tacked back to the wall so it doesn't encircle us, but is very pretty to look up at, and frames the window like curtains.