Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Take on Old

Your grandmother's jewel-toned Tabris inherited by your mother...

probably isn't exactly what you had in mind as a topper for your seagrass or sisal underlay.
More likely, a muted, light-toned antique Oushak would be on your wish list.
However, don't let what is in vogue today tempt you to sell a work of art at pennies-on-the-dollar. Jewel-toned rugs will once again be sought after, when vivid colors are back in fashion. (And, this may happen sooner than you think!)

In the meantime, how do you bridge the dark, strong colors of antique orientals with your lighter interiors? Here are a couple of ideas:

First, use the jewel-toned rugs in rooms which can handle the color--say in a nursery designed around this creative felt globe from cupofcoco.squarespace.com.
Or, unexpectedly, place the treasure in a child's playroom. Actually, a hand-knotted, dark, patterned rug is durable and forgiving of spills. Couldn't you see a red and blue rug in this playroom with wall art designed by Word Candy Vinyl?
An antique jewel-toned rug would look fabulous in a basically white child's room with a touch of red.
Or, think outside the traditional dining room box, and by adding contemporary chairs (like these called "Nastro by Pianca" designed by Alessandra Pasetti)turn your formal space into a more youthful, casual eating area.
Or, if you are very daring, step onto a small jewel-toned rug when you climb out of a tub in a bathroom designed like this one found at: jobthinker.com/tag/touch-of-red-color/.
Ok, maybe this is a little too wild. Here's a second idea. You can still use the treasured heirloom in your living room while maintaining a light color scheme. Bridge the dark carpet to a companion rug with a white field and just a border of intense color. This antique isphahan would be an example.
Whatever you decide, don't e-bay something you will regret parting with later. Remember your history is your story!

(This post was written in response to a reader's dilemma.
She wanted a new lighter oriental in her dining room, but was trying to decide what to do with her dark rug in the living room. After careful deliberation, she decided to buy the lighter rug she loved and later move the jewel-toned rug to another spot.)

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