Friday, May 7, 2010

Those Special Touches

Living things make a house a home. When I come home and my husband is at work and even the dog is in the kennel, the walls seem like a shell.

But, add a kind husband

and a friendly dog
and the lonely house becomes a home.

Beyond people and animals, plants and fresh flowers also bring vibrancy to a home. They add beauty and color wherever they are placed--a window sill, a table, a dresser.

For the last two weeks, lilies of the valley have been blooming profusely in my garden. On several occasions, I have clipped bouquets for my kitchen window sill.
The fragrance has been heavenly.

They have added a lovely, special touch to my whole kitchen.

Lilies of the valley are my mother's favorite flower. She carried them in her bridal bouquet, and they grace the center of her china. So, I picked oodles of flowers today, garnished my window sill and made her a bouquet.

Then I played Hermes, with wings on my shoes, and delivered them myself.

Interestingly, this petite, white, fragrant flower is also a favorite of another friend. She organized the Day of Prayer celebration which was attended by 14,000 people in our town yesterday. I knew she must be exhausted today, so I also dropped a bouquet by her home.

Arriving home from my deliveries, I came in the house and noticed a special touch on the piano--yellow roses, my favorite--a gift from my husband for Mother's Day.

I hope you give and/or receive a special touch yourself this Mother's Day.

(I wrote this post to participate in a "Those Special Touches" blog party being run by Richella at Go over and visit her site; she has some wonderful ideas to share! To participate, I needed to include my blog url as well:


  1. I love the flowers in the window! It is the perfect touch! And how sweet of you to deliver flowers! And your husband wins brownie points for the flowers! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, Maurie, I love this post!

    When we lived in Michigan, we had lots of lilies of the valley in our garden. You're right: their scent is heavenly. I just love the thought of your cutting bouquets of them to use in your home--I'll bet they look so cheerful! And the thought of your delivering them to your mother and your friend really makes me smile. :)

    You're right about something else, too--your house would be just a house without your loved ones there. I love that you described your husband as "a kind husband"--what a wonderful description! And the yellow roses are lovely evidence of that.

    Your doggie is a cutie, too--and looks a little better behaved than my pooches. Even mine are sweeties, though. :)

    Thanks so much for joining the party!

  3. Hi Maurie--

    I wasn't signed in properly when I left that last comment; sorry about that. I wanted you to know it was I who so enjoyed your post!

    Hopefully this comment will show up with my picture and a link to my profile. :)

    Thanks again for linking up!

  4. Your Lily of the Valley is so pretty! I'll bet mine is blooming and I haven't even noticed.

    Thanks for visiting me. I hope you come back!

  5. I love all your flowers! so beautiful!

  6. 14,000!!! Wow! I love your kitchen windows and the flowers, and yes you are right it is the living that make a home!

  7. I love Lily of the Valley and how you arranged them in the individual vases. Just lovely~

  8. Maurie,
    I am thrilled that you plan to join us at Longwood Gardens. I look forward to meeting you!! My mother and Mother-in-law were at the National Day of Prayer. They both enjoyed it again this year. I have been under the weather for about three weeks and are finishing up our home school year so I didn't make it.

    My Lily of the Valley have been so very fragrant as well. I love them....Yours look so sweet in the little vases.

    Can't wait to meet you!

    Becky K.