Monday, November 8, 2010

Being Dinner Guests is an Honor

What a treat to be invited to dinner!

 Over the weekend, my husband and I had the pleasure of being guests of long time friends. This couple lived next door to us in Haiti over twenty-two years ago.  Our children played together climbing tropical trees, swimming in the Caribbean, and studying together in a very small missionary kids' school.  Our husbands worked together in the operating rooms of the missionary hospital, and Margaret and I shared recipes for the limited supply of ingredients available in our remote village on the north coast of the island. 

Living in a fourth world country isn't easy, but hardships produced fast friendships.  Now years later, we live in the same county in Pennsylvania, and from time to time we share meals reminiscing on the "old days."

In our friends' household, the husband is often the chef.    This night was no exception.  Randy concocted a delightfully British meal.

First course--fresh spinach greens with strawberry slices and nuts and served with warm bread.

Second course--Yorkshire pudding,

beef brisket,
roasted vegetables, 

and broccoli.

Dessert was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Caribbean colonial antiques give Margaret and Randy's home an international charm.  A French armoir anchors the living room on one end,

while a lovely scrolled, mahogany day bed is at the other end of the room.  A Tiffany lamp manufactured in Port au Prince also adds ambience.

 Combining these treasures with Lancaster county antiques results in a home exuding warm charm.

However, more than their inviting home, Margaret's and Randy's up-beat personalities and zest for life make them treasured friends.  What's the saying about old friends being golden?

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  1. Maurie, this was such a heartwarming post!
    I loved hearing about your time spent with cherished friends, along with the beautiful history you have together! Love his apron too! :)