Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seaside Excursion

Over the weekend, the ladies of Gracious Interiors Ministry met to collaborate on our talks and workshops.

As soon as we landed at the spankin' new airport serving Panama City, Destin, and Seaside, the clues of our location greeted us--balmy weather and...

an unusually long row of wheelchairs for such a small airport!  Yes, we were in Florida!

We stayed in Lakeside, one of the Sandestin communities.  On our walks we were charmed by the white picket fences and Caribbean-colored cottages, from apricot...

to lemon...

to a hint of plum.

Each was unique and had old-fashioned appeal.  Our quarters, compliments of one lady's niece, were a lime-colored cottage and guest house. 

The interior was cozy and comfortable.

The Sandestin/Lakeside communities includes a golf resort, lakes, and bike paths.  Manicured vegetation--oleander, hibiscus, and coconut palms flourish in the year-around sun.  No wonder snow birds fly south!

Besides working two full days on our women's weekend plans, the three couples watched football, ate out, and did a little sight seeing.

We ladies even managed to squeeze in a little shopping.  Our favorite shop was Pizitz Home & Cottage. Robert and Daryl Davis, shop owners and developers of Seaside, have compiled an amazing collection of linen upholstered pieces and ceramic wall sculptures,

 industrially-inspired tables,

 and clean-lined glass lamps.
If you are looking for table-scape inspiration the Davis' shop used ceramic cylinders and

and pottery bowls.
For more home interior inspiration check out their website:

Or for inspiration for your soul's interior think about having the three of us put together a women's weekend for your church or club.  We have titled our weekend:  Cross Training Across Generations.  For more information, you can contact Gracious Interiors Ministry by leaving a comment on this blog.


  1. What a lovely place that is - really charming! Ahhh, now that November weather is here, FL looks like such a wonderful place to be! I love what you say about inspiration for your soul's interior!
    You, my friend, are an inspiration!

  2. You 3 look wonderful and it sounds like it was a great getaway! Thanks for sharing the pictures and thoughts!