Monday, May 13, 2013

Queen of Vignettes, Advocate for Oppressed

From day to day, Anna, our daughter, spends her time negotiating and advocating for international justice. Working to combat grand-scale evil is intensely stressful. Consequently, on weekends Anna unwinds by arranging flowers from Whole Foods and their garden. When she is off duty, in every room, on every surface, she creates beautiful vignettes.

More than a few flower arrangements brighten the spaces.

Pillows soften sofas, chairs, and beds.

Wallhangings, paintings, and mirrors add interest to walls.

Artistic objects grouped or solo decorate flat surfaces.

This is the cutest cheese board, wedge-shaped marble with nibble holes. :)
The cumulative effect is a warm and welcoming home.
 When you consider the mayhem Anna battles the rest of the time, no wonder beauty and order, tranquility and peace are so important in her personal space. To survive, her home must be a haven.

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