Monday, May 20, 2013

The Level is in the Details

Appraisers may value a home by the square footage, but you and I know that not all spaces are equal. This modest home on a scant quarter acre may be small, but it's a little jewel. The cottage's proportions are pitch perfect, and its charm is in the details.

In the front of the house, there is an aged brass pineapple above the front door on the middle dormer. Did you notice the brass snow guards on the slate roof?  How about the stone retaining wall beside the driveway?

Were you drawn in by the charming gate welcoming you up the flagstone path? 

Less conspicuous, in the front of the home, are the copper gutter and the adorable mini-house for the garden hose.

After appreciating the details in front, you can circle around the house and see a handmade wooden water gutter 

and a tiny vine making a wonderful design on the aged brick side of the house. 

Come on back, because you will want to peak into the backyard. As you swing open the garden gate, be sure to see the bouquet of irises carved into the aged wood surface.
To the left in the backyard, aged boxwood give privacy. Isn't the stone statue a wonderful focal point?
In the center of the backyard fence-line are more boxwoods and some gorgeous specimen trees.
To the right, is a low brick-border wall delineating a flower bed.

How charming is the oxidized copper overhang, the lap-hinged door, and the trellis inviting you into the garage?

Notice how the back stairwell fencing mirrors the pattern of the gate in the front of the house.

Beside the house, a flagstone terrace is perfect for alfresco dining!

Before the meal, beverages are served on the redwood deck.

That is all of the garden tour, but as you leave take note of the row of mini boxwood. 

Finally, don't miss the shingle-roofed mail box on your way out of the drive.

We hope these charming details will encourage you to come back soon.


  1. Hey Maurie,
    Thanks so much for the link love of adding me to your blogroll. I enjoyed reading a few of your post and think my readers will to, so I've added you to my blogroll. Happy Weekend! M.

  2. I know this lovely stone house :) Though only by admiring it from the street. So many charming details! The irises are beautiful!! Are the mini boxwoods new?

  3. Yes, Loi, they are. I think a new front hedge of boxwood is in the offing at some point. You would also like to know that Anna painted the brick surrounding the fireplace black to connect to the soapstone hearth and the stair risers are now white. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. I am on the fence about purchasing a VERY SIMILIAR cottage nearby. My sticking point is the exterior with stone in yellowish tones and brown shutters with pine tree cut outs...but now I see that removing them and developing the details in the landscape might be a way of updating without losing the overall charm of the house. Even the interior upgrades in this house online gave me a lot more to think about. Thank you! Jane in Akron, Ohio

  5. I am on the fence about purchasing a very, very similar cottage because I could not think how to facelift the exterior. Currently there are shutters on the house with pine tree cut outs, but I think the solution might be to remove them altogether. I would also replace the front windows...this really encourages me to take on yet another "sows ear" ( my 4th) and make another property a thing of beauty!