Friday, May 9, 2014

After April Showers, May Flowers

Spring bloomed late this year. Canada's back door was open keeping the northeast in the deep freeze. This resulted in our blossoms lasting weeks longer than usual. 

The daffodils showed their sunny smiles well into May.

Under their yellow shadows were the dainty blue grape hyacinths (muscari).

They were joined by early blooming tulips.These tall beauties retained their regal beauty for several weeks, the most amazing longevity I've ever seen.

Finally, just this week they dropped all their bright leaves and made way for their short, later-blooming cousins.
Wouldn't you agree that these double-petaled, ruffled tulips are real beauties?

Their delicate pink color blends beautifully with the pink dogwoods.

And behind the pink blossoms, the lilac's sweet smell beckons a passerby to come hither. 
Following the scent, I succumb and bring the lavender flowers inside the house. Ah, the fragrance is intoxicating. No wonder I love the month of May.

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful!! I love this time of year for the pretty blooms and fresh green foliage! I did lose quite a few shrubs from that harsh winter. Most of our camellias didn't make it. I'm thinking of azaleas instead. Thanks for sharing the pretty flowers. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!