Monday, April 21, 2014

The Energy of Easter

Talk about renewable energy! The emergence of spring has once again revived my soul. What a wonder it is! The dead of winter has burst into life. Bare branches have crocheted delicate spring sweaters.

The frozen earth has defrosted enough to produce bunches of pale yellow daffodils.  

What fun to once again cut blossoms from my garden.

The empty patio has emerged from the white permafrost to become an outdoor room with a seating area on the right...

spring blossoms in the center, 

and, the freshly-scrubbed, oval picnic table on the left. This year, after our long hibernation, eating outdoors was especially heart-warming!

Each spring, I get a kick out of hiding dozens of colored eggs in the yard for the children. This year was no exception.
We all enjoyed watching our just-walking toddler balance on her feet to find treasure.


Alas, visits come to an end. So, after celebrating Christ's resurrection together at church, we kissed our son and his family goodbye. 

Thankfully, rather than just go back into an empty house, we had another celebration to anticipate. My mother travelled with us an hour east to have dinner with my sister and her family. Her front door wreath welcomed us to spring at her house.  
Inside her place settings were perfect--antique blue and white dishes with robin's-egg-blue linen napkins. 

The edible nests were chinese noodles coated with melted chocolate and shaped in muffin tins. The center piece of Easter lilies emitted a heavenly fragrance. 
Clusters of bunnies were creatively arranged around the dining room.

This porcelain mother bunny with her overflowing carriage was especially endearing.
What an encouraging day! I don't know about you, but after the gloom of winter and the sobriety of Good Friday, my heart fills with joy at finding the empty tomb. 
Annually, my spirit is renewed by God's amazingly gracious exchange: a soiled life for a clean conscience. We are offered this swap, because of the sacrificial death of the Passover Lamb. Then, God secured the rest of the exchange--death for life--by dynamiting Christ from the tomb!  I praise God for the energy of Easter!

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