Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Always Room for One More

Less than two weeks ago, our youngest daughter had her fourth baby, a little boy.

Now they are a family of six with three little men
and a darling sister.
Deciding where to set up the nursery for baby boy was a challenge. Ideally, this little guy could have roomed with one of his brothers. However, considering space and sleep patterns of the two older boys, it was decided that he would join his sister--at least until the middle son is falling asleep more easily.

Actually, it works out quite well. There is plenty of room, and by adding blue crib bumpers and mobile, the room was gender-neutralized a bit.
The most pressing quandary was where to put all the baby clothes. The walk-in closet was divided: male on one side,
female on the other.
I had forgotten how many wardrobe changes a child needs until they are two years old. The seasons change, and they outgrow sizes every three months!

Baby blankets, sheets, and sleepers replaced his sister's folded clothes.
To hold her displaced clothing, we purchased a cute antique-looking dresser from a used furniture store. Unfortunately, it was painted green. So, I spent a hot Saturday in over 100 degree weather painting it a high gloss white. While I was at it, I also repainted a bookcase and a toy box. (What a mother won't do for a daughter who was nine months pregnant. Oh, to-be-honest, what a mother won't do for any of her children at any age and in any condition.)

Looking ahead, when baby boy is old enough to protest a pink rug and Roman shade, he can join one of his brothers.
For now, the baby beds look at home together. I like the solution. After all, what would you choose: your own room or having a sibling? It's a no-brainer; I think we'd all take the forever-friend.

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