Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blessing a Baby

This weekend my sister, Zan, hosted a baby shower for my daughter, Anna, who is expecting her first baby in a few short weeks. Aided by Pintrest and creativity, we planned a very happy celebration to bless this little boy.

Zan and I started with the color scheme. Baby blue and white were obvious choices. However, flowers aren't usually in those hues in September. What to do? The dilemma was solved by seeing a darling orange and navy newborn onesie.

We printed the invitations on light blue, polka-dotted paper, adding a bow tie to symbolize the little boy joining the clan. We slipped the registry information into waxed tiny favor bags.

Yesterday dawned calm, clear, and not-too-warm--perfect for an garden party! We decorated from the road,

up the drive,
to the front door.

Inside, hanging baby clothes left no doubt who was the party's guest-of-honor.

Arriving guests sipped orange-peach punch from baby-blue striped straws.
Then, we all went out-of-doors for lunch.

Tablecloths, placemats, and glasses were various shades of blue while orange Kalanchoe brightened the scene.

Notice the napkins tied as bow ties.

 Guests were treated to a trio of appetizers including honey teriyaki meatballs, apricots stuffed with goat cheese, and asparagus phyllo puffs,

The main course was served as a buffet with guests helping themselves to:

croissants and chicken salad,
tomato/mozzarella skewers, and wild rice/citrus salad.

Finally, carrot cake cupcakes, mango sorbet, and chocolate mints provided a sweet ending.

Anna felt very loved

 by her parents,

her life-long girl friend,

women who had prayed for her,

a mother and daughter who have been good friends since elementary school days in Haiti,

 and family, including aunts and grandmothers.
Thank you, Zan, for all you did to make a wonderful party!

After lunch, we came inside to open presents. The first-time parents were so thankful for the gifts since before the shower they hardly had anything for the expected arrival!

As guests left the shower, they took home a bottle of nail polish as a reminder of the Saturday they blessed a certain little boy with their love, gifts, and best wishes. 

We trust their prayers will follow him, as they have followed his mother.

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  1. Fun photos of a lovely day down to the very last detail!
    Mary Alice