Saturday, December 5, 2015

Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours

Christmas has come to our house since my last post in early October. This fall, blogging took a backseat to the joys of rocking a baby, watching him learn to crawl, then walk, now run--all in a few short weeks! Between weekly treks to another city to be Gigi, I found time to change our home decor from rusts and browns to the traditional reds and greens of Christmas.

Come on in, and enjoy looking all through the house.

The entryway highlights what we celebrate at Christmas: the birth of the God-man, born in a stable, laid in a manger, but worshipped by angels, shepherds, and wise men.
The living room is decorated with silver trees,
 a china creche,
 and a choir of carolers.
The dining room table holds a bowl of gold balls and holly, red-ribboned pheasants, and candles.

The sideboard displays the Charles Dickens' village. 
Passing through the foyer and the living room on your way to the library, you find a calico wreath.

The library, where we spend the most time in the winter, features a feather tree and
 a tiny creche.

Just off the library in the master bedroom, a Christmas quilt is featured during the month of December.

Back in the main part of the house, just off the kitchen, is the sun room.
Here bisque candle holders and festive pillows set the stage for...
the Christmas tree.

 Just before you go out the backdoor,
you can't help but stop to admire a gorgeous poinsettia.
Its red blossoms remind us that our Savior was born to die that we might live. 
 Indeed, He is the greatest gift ever given.

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