Saturday, January 9, 2016

Star Wars Birthday Party

Our daughter and son-in-law have three sons and a daughter. In the fall, I wrote about the youngest son's first birthday with the Richard Scary Busytown theme. As the boys get older, they have definite ideas of the theme they would like. In the late spring before the latest movie's fanfare, the oldest boy wanted a Star Wars theme. His mother was happy to oblige.

Stars were the party's motif...

 Black and white with a touch of red was the color scheme.
Two storm troopers were excited to come in costume.
 Princess Leah was invited.
The kids' table was decorated with storm troopers and Star War images.
The guest of honor had his place marked with a special balloon.
The birthday cake was the center piece on the "adult" table.

Guests took home Star War stickers and cups.

 Each droid, stormtrooper, princess and dark warrior left feeing part of the force!

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  1. What a fun party! Princess Leah is so cute :) I am a huge Star Wars fan. When I was young, I slept in Star Wars sheets and had the entire set of action figures. Yup - the entire set!!! Now my nieces and nephews have them...the ones that didn't break.