Saturday, March 1, 2014

The French Just Have a Way

Have you ever noticed how French women just know how to throw on a scarf so it looks effortlessly elegant? Their gardens are divine and their culinary creations are unparalleled. No wonder their tableware is "magnifique".

Our middle daughter has a way of ferreting out treasures and her latest discovery is French pottery. Astier de Villate ceramics are handmade in Paris of black terra-cotta clay.

The pieces are tactile and charming. They are lightweight, but purportedly extremely durable. If they weren't so "cher" (translation--expensive), they'd be perfect for everyday tableware.  
 The milk white finish would compliment any table. And, I am in love with the raised dots and pinking-shear edges of this piece. Like snowflakes, each piece is unique. That's what makes them so special.

Each artisan stamps his or her personality into their designs. Curlicues, dents, and pointy chapeaus add whimsey to utilitarian pieces. You have to agree the ceramic cutting board would be perfect for some Camembert or Brie!

Anna got her first pieces of Astier crockery in Paris where they are made by Benoit Astier de Villatte. These charming ceramics are produced using techniques perfected before dishware was cast. 

Aren't these charming? Can't you see what an interesting table could be set using these beauties?

Now when our daughter is in New York she often stops by the shop that carries these treasures and treats herself to a piece.
You can now buy this unique table service in Chicago at  Tabula Tau, in San Francisco at Sue Fisher King and in Boston's South End at Patch NYC.

I would love to visit the flagship store on rue St. Honore in April. Paris is supposed to be splendid in the springtime!

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  1. Yes, I love those, too! I first discovered them at John Derian. Have you been to his shops? Say hi to Anna from me :) Cheers, L